The hidden man of creativity
The troubling wizard at bay
Stories unbolt, the future draws close
A journey to quiver new anew,
Jeopardizing the treacherous bully
I seek to make things boost therein
It’ll take power to return the cork,
For now, the gases already spread

©Frank O.
I stand fixing my gaze on sands of time.
Knowing how beautiful my tale has become,
My soul seeks an applause
Often my mind envisages a perfect tomorrow based on the troubles of yesterday
The troubles provides my muse for today
Even if erroneously I put my bio on black and white
And lay down for the study of all
No one else can absolutely know my story…

Seyi Law


It has been terrible story, terrible one indeed.
Watching a brother butchered like an animal.
Another brother shot dead on the street in a broad day light few days after.
Indoors I stayed and continues to stay to heed to mums pleas.
These are students killing each under the auspices of cultism.
When will they call of the strike?
It takes a great deal to understand my story.

©Ikwuka Chibuike

If my stories were untold then I’d shout to the world.
It took a great deal to be who I am.
Struggling and fighting for a bright future.
Breaking every barrier and filling out the form called success.
Having a mind of my own
And walking to a future unknown.
With a smile that it’s a new dawn.

Story of my life
Story of my life,
When I was a boy
I had nothing even a toy,
When I was seen a as an imp
I do no good than to peep,h
Now the mountain has risen
I supposed my smiles is for a reason.


The story that has no end.
Growing up I had it all
Growing old I lost it all
Getting tired I remember it all,
Gush my dad said it all
Grow up son, no one cares no one loves you just make God your all
Growing up I loved, I cared but I am broken by all
My story has no end.

Pogba. Jnr

My life is full of stories.
I suffered in whatever I do
Yet no good out come, then I asked myself if I should continue like this?
I thought of perseverance as of the strategies to success
I continue struggling and hope in God that he put a smile on my face someday
I experienced difficulties
I experienced big challenges
And finally my dreams has become a reality.



My Story, has no end
Has no beginning,
I’m dumb,blind and deaf
By the strenuous activities
Of My past,which substitute
For My Story,.
I can’t talk about My story
I can’t see the future in my story
And I can’t hear the Desperado in my Story
I’m numb to My Story
It is a Lifeless Story…

© *Blessing* *L*


On a cold frilly chilly early Thursday,
Kept talking to myself like a psycho,
Do that every time a story comes my way,
Trying my very best not to let it go,
But like other times, my pen stops halfway,
Heaven knows I tried, tried to let it grow,
Like other times it was killed by what ppl say,
I hope you’ll visit again, maybe today or tomorrow.

*TITY* ✍🏼

Haunted thoughts.
Painful memories.
Beauty in the eye of darkness.
Bold fear.
Ephemeral bliss.
Broken existence.
All these make up my story.



My story
Empty stomach
Broken heart
Lost childhood
Empty soul
Lost heart
Shattered world


You know those kind of tales
Where a lonely wallflower
Or an ugly duckling
Feels rejected and unwanted,
Where she goes unnoticed
But later,finds her purpose
And discovers she’s a Swan?
Well, that’s my Story.


When I was a child,I use to think that
Life was fair, that one day
I’d walk down the aisle,with my father
Holding my hands and a smile on my mother’s
Face, but,the dream crumbled down the day
Life took them from me without a taking a glance at me
What a pity, story of my Life.



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