Much volumes of sacrifice
For as truth, it harboured lies
It isn’t always the way you see it
Down your success path, I could get hit
And the route you despise may give light
For we have for life, a separate fight

© Frank O.

It was only told
In the times of old
When the fear of God did reign
In the hearts of men
The offsprings of this age now deny
And term it ‘ a white lie’.

Ehm Jay

With coloured darkness
Black is the farthest
With tainted white
It’s not much of fight
We’re scavenging at the boom of the booth
In a futile effort to find the truth.


A pledge to a country is a pledge to a country
An obligation we must keep even when we are hungry
No greater savage has been made than a political propaganda
Leaving the people a dent in their soul’s veranda
Their words were fine set as the cars
beautiful eyes
Time alone revealed the nature of those
truthful lies

© Vince – Seyi Law


Running from the mood
The mood, you made me stood
Laid down to face
The lies you pace
I think nothing but the lies
Life got truthful lies

© Nikky


No fact remains the same
Tongues are twisted without shame
No narrative goes without “spicing”
Tongues are always ready for “story-dicing”
Truth is dyed, never to be revealed
Truth is masked; it’s forever sealed

© Courage C. Elliot


I am in the mood
To tell the Lord that He is good
The earth refuse to follow
The splendours He made below
This is the absolute truth
Put the truthful lies to thought

© Nikky


For the truth was meant to be unveiled
But men buried it in graves
Not knowing lie will fade
And the truth will be embrace .
Lord show us thy way.




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