Deep and harsh fear hold
Insisting he gets cold
Before the crowd, the mic fell
His mood about to sell
Short of words in a shivering body
The mind thinks of outcome, bloody.
Trembling legs in the fight
A weird phobia in sight

©Frank O.

Too many voices.
Little or no choices.
On which way to veer.
Cause I’m shrouded by fear.
Could I be swallowed by the earth.
I’d rather suffocate due to dirt.
Than suffocate due to people
All around me, making me feeble.


Fear gripped me as I stood in the room,
To spill out the truth.
Knowing I’m the only one here
While there were people listening out there
Room 303 painted in white, they think I’m insane
I could feel my chest constricting
My breathes shortening, the room spinning
And just like that, I passed out on the floor.


Without consent,it creeps in
Grabs my confidence and throws it in the bin
My boldness is now lost and so is my charisma
Against my wish,I begin to stammer.
My skin dilates without a tear
Gently revealing the intruders fear
These searching eyes transfixed on me
I pray the fear,they do not see.

*Ehm Jay*

Words were right with me as I rehearsed
Self confidence was forced in but the fear made it coarse
I could write to them but airing out was the war
I feared my ego would somehow find it’s way to the floor
There I was on the stage, beholding this strata of audience
Words struggled to flow, I lost convenience
Catastrophe saturated my atmosphere as I gazed at those eyes
What exactly could this be, fear or cowardice?

© *Vince-Seyi Law*

Air getting thinner
As the space gets wider
My doom lies in their cold glare
As my  courage floats through the air
Getting soaked up in their midst
This isn’t where I should be
I’ll get away from these halls
And hide back into my concaved walls


So the story seems to be
Of all that crowded came the bee
The anxiety the state do pace
And the pains the nation face
Should I go out and not be scared
Of the works the noble has painted red
Every where you go the scars remain
Because the memory is the mind’s gain


My heart keeps thumping; it sounds like the drums of hell
When will this stop? I don’t think I can ever tell
It’s really absurd how they are like soldiers of Hades
Oh! this multitude; my world is caving in or going in pieces
“Everyone leave the room, I like to be alone”, so goes my muted thoughts
I keep on shivering at the number of heads: lots, lots and lots
One of those moments when I prefer to be in a bee hive
My head swells, something creeps in my belly and my tattoos feel alive

© Courage C. Elliot


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