Slumbering beneath shield of excuses
Lost to nonchalant attitudes,
A weak weakness at bay
I either fight or withdraw
The endless rest of my inspiration
Hidden in the dark,
More so, death invites her to dinner
Leaving it’s host useless to creativity.

A killing temporal damnation
Days without something to show
Questions frown at excuses
Darkness lights the path
I refuse to agree, I disagree.
Heated by a burning zeal,
A second take on thought.

I’ll lead the path
A torch to touch the dark
And pull out of it,
The created Creator
A crippled journey to Salvation
I’ll rise until days gone.
Sure to make crocked, straight.

With sweated tempting attempts,
Something new is to be born
A crave for new advance
A resurrection to impact
A Dawn to erect
A part has been made whole
And never shall they part
Let creation be creative.

©Frank O.


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