Ignore my pleasing plea,
For a hopeful pardon
That I seek mercy for being good
Wanting to communicate happiness to you
Not knowing it connects hate
If my good was bad in your sight
Refuse to listen to my jokes
For they were forged,
From my burning desire to love you.

©Frank O.

Is this hate?
Every time I see him my heart boils.
He tried to touch me, but I recoiled.
Whenever he cries, then my heart rejoice.
Don’t know if this is called hate.
His presence brings a feeling of danger.
With every form of untamed anger.
Making me begin to wonder.
If this is really hate.



Having known someone like you for so long,
Having known your like and dislike,
Having known the best and worst of you,
Though much bad than good :
This question cease to leave my mind….
Have you ever imagine my feelings so far?
Have you for ones question my anger for long?
Your callousness is something else,
So I ask “IS THIS HATE?”

Linda Emmanuel ✍️

Is this hate?
This tingle in my soul that smells of dung and dirt?
The disgust that clouds me,
The tears that wells in my eyes when he isn’t looking?
Is this hate?
Recalling tainted love,
And bizarre friendship,
Destroyed with pride,
Is this hate? This tingle in my soul.

You swore with tears,screaming i love you
And, with innocent eyes I believed
But your hearts,
Always after passerby whose faces looks new
For you turned me into these;
Now i want the sun to cry eclipse
Your very own light to darkness
For you are a bane to my existence
And a beautiful façade in essence
So tell me… Is this hate?

Ayo Habib

Soothing words don’t prove affection
Smiles do not establish the validity of love
The ambience is soon bloated with heart gestures
Love is yet to be understood after all
We show care for the dear but disregard those not
The less privileged don’t get their share of the love we give
What’s the essence of love if not generalized
What’s the issue
Is it love or is it an act of less concern, or is this hate?

© Vince-Seyi Law
With the dusty wind blowing around
Feeling my lips sour and cracked
Even the weather is in conflict
Seems like nature is no longer on our side
Seeing sorrow everywhere I look
Seems we are now in a competition
Now staring at the mirror what do you see
And so they say the akin of love is hate
And so it seems we are all caught in the madness

Is this hate?
My heart squeezes and churns and folds up
His presence, a nightmare from which I can’t wake up
I try and try to believe it not be fate
Vanity! As it goes down my spine, making me wish for his death date
How can it be, that one leads to the doom of his brother
Alas! The other grins at the pain of his mother
My soul and the world needs cleansing before it’s too late
Less not the gates of hell befall us, all because of love’s rival: hate

© Courage C. Elliot

You neither reply my messages or calls again,
You neither visit or appreciate when been visited,
Bad sides of me, you share  to the public
My tears tickles your fancy.
My failures motivates you,
What could be the problem?
How did I offend you?
Is this hate? My old friend asked.
Whatever, but just go forever.

© Ikwuka Chibuike

I came across a friend’s friend,
Friends so delusive and repulsive,
Nagging and deceitful ,
This is what I so much disgust,
Making jest of me even in my sorrowful  moment,
Mocking my failure instead of egging me on,
Putting salt in my injures instead of seeking panacea,
They never mollified my burden,
But sets inferno in my already burnt abode,
Now i asked myself *IS THIS HATE?*

   © De-youngdom

I heaved a sigh
As I looked deep into his eyes….
He turns his back.
Only murmured whispers
Monosyllabic tone.
The hot nights turn cold.
His touch so empty.
My eyes holding just one question.
Is this hate?

What do you call it When a ship has lost its course
When a bird wishes no more to mingle with the air?
You were the warmest place I knew
But the world turned you cold.
And now I’m left with nothing but a broken spirit and a weak heart.
With every step I took away from you
I drew deeper into my own freedom
don’t come begging or asking if I hate you
Cos I’ll throw your question right back at ya’


There’s bile at the back of my throat.
I sit here watching as you gloat.
There’s so much I want to say.
But you aren’t worth it anymore.
My soul is crying just because of you.
My heart is bleeding, screaming one word.
And being pulled into darkness but I see red everywhere.
One sentence breaks out of the screams
“Is this hate”


We used to be healthy
Play actually keeps us happy
But now this question keeps bothering me
Is this a hate
You seems to be a thorn
Myself can’t bear it again
Your presence brings me trouble
Wondering if this is a hate
Before loved…now be hated



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