I AM WHOM I MAKE MYSELF (let your support guide me) A POEM WRITTEN BY FRANK O.


It wasn’t signed at birth,
That I create and design new technologies
Neither was it stamped on my forehead
That I look and take care of sick patients
My cries just showed, I live.

Can you tell the world,
That at birth, I wasn’t also destined to suffer
For my routes weren’t told yet
Gradually, I’ll unfold them
Every chapter leading to something.

Pity my little brain
That never understood the language of science
But totally loved the doings of art
Couldn’t you hear the melody I sang?
The creative pictures I painted
The stage actions I pulled
And the words of beauty I pled.

Maybe you haven’t seen my poems
The perfect rhythm and flow of words
The beauty of creativity and idea
The conjuring of perfect illusion to jam reality
I plead to please those who plea.

All the same I studied the art and fullness of science
Hoping to satisfy you
I haven’t seen encouragements in my talents
I look forward to earning a degree
That without words I’ll run back
To hug and dine with the art I love.

Pardon my understanding,
For it couldn’t decrypt Chemistry
I could tell, Physics remained foreign
Nevertheless, I crammed and conquered
Deep in me, I don’t love science
That’s why I couldn’t make it there.

I seek for a thing only,
That you love and manage me where I get
Even though it ain’t big
But for a fact,
If I could love and understand it
I’ll create greater things, than lovers of science do.

I have flipped the pages of wisdom
And from this confusing book
I learnt that,
I need not love something at first
But if I could stick strong and unshakable
I could learn to love and decipher it’s magic
Thereby, harnessing it to bid my will.

At this point in life
Where my strength proves me weak
Cos I strive where I’m lesser
Be my guide to the right route
That with a blow
The wall of defeat shall slump.

With the force of Learning
I’ll raise earning
Let me see that smile of happiness
For it could boost my readiness
Let me hear those words of encouragement
That with them I could push better
Send me the thumps up
And watch me lead us all up
Do not deny my ears those advice
I could use them to survive.

©Frank O.


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